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Kat Weaver Marketing Consultant

'I thrive when clients apply what they learn from my coaching. Their success is mine.'

I suppose I was always meant to be an entrepreneur. I’m the child of an artist, and my father put us to work for his business early on by helping pack boxes, load vehicles, and sell pottery at art shows throughout California. So it’s no surprise that after attending UC Santa Cruz, I ended up working for a small business owner for six years. I learned a tremendous amount about the highs and lows of businesses ownership. This inspiration is what led me to pursue an MBA at Presidio Graduate School. My focus in graduate school was on sustainability, as that was a great passion of mine, and there was huge growth in this field due to the corporate world facing the pressures of climate change.

After graduating with a very expensive degree, this small business gal took her fancy credentials and went into the wild world of corporate distribution, namely produce distribution. I worked for five years at PRO*ACT, the nation’s largest produce distributor, as the Supply Chain Sustainability Manager. Let’s say that I honed my skills not only for sustainability but for sales and marketing as well since produce folks don’t really believe in sustainability, let alone climate change.


With career growth comes life growth as well, and I became a mom to a terrific boy. So I left the commute behind and found myself at Ecology Action serving as a Marketing Manager, where I perfected my skills in digital media, advertising, SEO, and inbound marketing. This was a true gift, as I was able to combine my love of sustainability with my marketing skills. My rich career history led to a desire to give back, and that’s how I found my consulting career. I want to get back to my local business roots but to bring the big data and learnings from the corporate world to the folks who need it most.

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