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What's up with all the oranges?

Image by Mae Mu

Curios why oranges are scattered throughout the site? It's pretty simple; orange is my favorite color, and oranges are my favorite fruit. You’re probably asking yourself, ‘why feature it on your website - this isn’t how a professional marketer should present themselves'. I'll counter your question with one of mine; would you rather have photos of boardrooms, laptops, co-workers enjoying each other's company(they’re not), or even someone on a whiteboard? Not me.


I made oranges part of my story because I believe marketing should be energetic. Energetic can be sweet, tangy, or even sour, these elements, taken together, are what make marketing unique and powerful. This tang and energy that drives marketing subsequently drives enthusiasm with consumers, which propels the flywheel of business.

So that’s why the oranges. If you want boardroom photos then I’m not your girl.

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