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SEO Checklist for Small Businesses

Search engine optimization is complex even for seasoned marketers and may feel intimidating to local business owners and operators. But to stand out in the all too crowded digital world, especially as local business, it must be part of your marketing mix. Here's the thing, though: it doesn't have to be terrifying and it’s not impossible for a small or medium business to take simple steps to get tangible results. In fact, 3 simple steps stand between you and a better business.

Know Your Customer

Everything that happens in search is based on your customer trying to get some job done. This 'job to be done' theory is predicated on the fact that a search starts with an explicit desire to satisfy a need. You want your business to be presented to someone when they've got a job to be done—a job your business can help them get done. So, for instance, if the job I have to do as a busy working mom is feed my family dinner, my search could be “takeout restaurant Monterey” or “dinner delivery Santa Cruz.” If those keywords show up somewhere on your website or business listing, chances are your domain will be served up to me.

Content with Keywords Is King

Now that you know what itch needs scratching and what topics you'd like to be associated with on search engines, you're ready to start the task of optimizing your website. This could include a slew of activities, from tweaking titles to adding a blog. However you choose to approach it, know that attracting search traffic means adding new pages and regularly updated new content with your brand personality.

Dig into the Data

Ranking is great and a necessary part of SEO for business, but you've got to be sure your visitors turn into customers. This means digging into the data available through Google Analytics and other providers. Filling the funnel is great, but converting the traffic to clients is what sets the savvy apart from the average business. I can't stress enough that doing regular data analysis is how you succeed at SEO and digital advertising. Data tells the real story and gives you an opportunity to tinker, explore and improve your client interactions.

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